Black Friday shopping is something I might prefer to do alone, simply because I would want to be on my own time table.  But I didn't go this year... and I may never ever go.  However, that didn't stop me from doing a little "Cyber-Monday" shopping for some new high pressure shower heads as gifts. Cyber-Monday sometimes provides great deals that can't be found elsewhere. And the best part is you don't even have to leave your home.

Wednesday, November 30

Black Friday Shopping?? I'll pass

My brain and pocketbook always tell me to go Black Friday shopping.  I would probably do a much better job than my husband as I'm typically pretty low key and can be patient.  If I get what I want, then great! If not, I won't stress... nor will I make myself crazy over it.

However, I did not do Black Friday shopping.  I didn't give in to society's high pressure. It's typically the only long weekend I have all year so I love taking the time to enjoy and spend with family.  Besides, I'm usually done shopping by the time Thanksgiving rolls around... this year.... well, I haven't even started.

Which sorta attests to the busyness I have right now. I know... it's almost December 1st and I haven't even shopped yet!!!!!!  (Gasp!)

I enjoyed the long weekend, spending time with family and taking the kids to the theater to see Arthur Christmas.  We go to the movies, like, twice a year... so that was fun!

Black Friday shopping is something I might prefer to do alone, simply because I would want to be on my own time table.  But I didn't go this year... and I may never ever go.  However, that didn't stop me from doing a little "Cyber-Monday" shopping for some new high pressure shower heads as gifts. Cyber-Monday sometimes provides great deals that can't be found elsewhere. And the best part is you don't even have to leave your home.
(Thanks for hosting WMW Rachel!!!.... I'm back!!)


Tuesday, November 29

Christmas Tradition

I love Christmas time.  Typically (other than the chaotic Black Friday videos of people pushing and shoving and pepper spraying other people) the world seems to be a brighter place.  People are willing to help out those who are less fortunate... whether it be with gifts, food, shoveling their driveway, or just being a little more polite at the store.

I'm one of those that enjoys Christmas music... only from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.

I'd much rather give presents than receive... even though the gifts I give might not be monetarily expensive.

I love the Christmas movies... especially when I get to stay up late and watch them with the kids.

Every year I always say I'm going to do more lights, or make the Christmas tree a little more... organized.  Every year I want to put ever all the decorations, but when the time comes, I find that I just don't have the space for it all.  (And the fact that I would have to convince my kids that there are certain decorations that are not toys.)

Ever since Hannah was born, we decided to start a tradition of opening a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Then they would wear those to bed and have nice, new jammies to open presents to in the morning.

We've done it every year for the last 4 years.

That's really the only "tradition" we have.  Except this year, we're trying a new thing.  Something we've always wanted to try, but then December sneaks up too fast and we're ill-prepared.

We found all the Christmas and winter-themed books and movies (and we bought a few more through Scholastic Books) and we wrapped them individually.  The kids will open one book during the week to read before bed time and a movie on Friday and Saturday night to watch together as a family.

I'm super excited about this new tradition!  I think the kids will love it and it's a great way to spend a simple, yet snuggly 10 minutes together... every night.


Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

It's been a whirlwind here lately... work is busy... but good.  Kids are crazy... but good.  A few projects on my plate... as always.

Our (my and 6 friends) project - Girls Gone Strong - has taken off... 2000 likes on our facebook page in just a week. We are PUMPED about the things to come!!  Can't wait to continue spreading the word about women & strength - physical and mental.

Kids are awesome!  My monster man, who is almost 3, is peeing standing up.  Can't tell you how excited we are for no more diapers. It's been that way for quite a few months now, but whew!  (Ok, he does wear one at night but we're working on that by getting him up at 10pm to go potty.)

Hannah is loving pre-school. She loves the teachers, her friends and the things she is learning.  She's excited about learning and that's so cool to see.  Her teachers say she is doing really well and will be ready for Kindergarten next fall.... yikes!

Happy Halloween, my dear blog friends!!

Friday, October 21

Dove Self-Esteem Weekend

Have you ever seen Dove's beauty campaign?

It's really a great way to show young girls how twisted the media is... and how our perception of beauty is actually pretty distorted.

This weekend, Dove is encouraging people to spend time with young girls, do some activities and share your heart.  These young girls are the future of our generation.

Here are some resources Dove has that you can use for you and your daughter, a neighborhood girl, or even a group of girls!

We'll be gone at a wedding most of the day, but I'm definitely hoping to use some of this stuff in the next few weeks... just me and my daughter!



Wednesday, October 19

WMW: blogs and motivation

My dear friend Rachel is hosting another week of Working Mommy Wednesday.  WMW used to be the brainchild of myself, but I had to pass it along because things have gotten so busy... busy is good, but somethings just needed to take a back seat.  So glad to continue to be a part of this community.

  1. Share a blog or website that you’ve found meaningful and rewarding to visit (if it's Pinterest please share why this has become such a raging fad).
Well, I must admit that I haven't been reading a lot of blogs lately.  But I do come across some great blot POSTS that I find awesome, inspirational and applicable.

My good friend/sister has some really great interviews with "beautiful badasses" who talk about their life in the fitness industry.  Like the recent one, another friend, Jen, used to hate working out... but she tells her story of how she found love. :)

A motivational video... apply it to ANY aspect of your life...

There are some amazing, motivational posts over at one of my mentor's blogs... Training For Warriors... yes, I get it, many of these blogs are fitness related.  But many of these posts can speak to you in other ways than just through fitness.  Besides, we can all use a little motivation when it comes to eating right and getting healthy, right?


Monday, October 17


Hannah has been in her preschool for a little over a month.  She is loving it... her teachers, her school work, her friends... I really love her school!

At the beginning of the year, they asked parents to sign up for to be a helper once a month, or once every other month. Although totally optional, I figured it would be nice to help and see what she does while at school.

Last Thursday was my day.  When I told Hannah I would be helping her at school, she was BEYOND excited.

"I get to hold the flag! I get to stand in the middle of the circle! I get to...!"

At this point, I was glad I volunteered.  It seemed that most kids who were bringing their parents were getting that "special" attention for the day.  I'm sure every one gets their chance, but I think Hannah was more excited for me to be there.

They did some "school work" for a bit at their assigned rooms/tables and I was assigned to a spot doing a little learning game.  If kids were done with their work, they could come to my table.  Hannah was AMAZING at "inviting" her friends over to her "mama's table."

When it was group time, Hannah was asked to stand in the middle for the Pledge of Allegiance.  (I was pumped they are teaching that!)  And... she got to hold the flag.  That was her favorite part... I could see in her eyes she felt so special!!  They went over the month, the days of the week, the weather and the date.

Then they split back up to finish their work before story and music time.

I loved being there... and I'm even more glad that she loved having me there.

I hope that feeling for her - the feeling of being proud to have her mama around - never goes away.

Tuesday, October 11

31 years ago...

......A little girl was born.

Her parents thought they were going to name her Adrienne.  It didn't turn out that way. Day 2, a new name was picked.  And they say they couldn't imagine her with any other name.

She grew up following in her big sister's footsteps.  She even stole a book from her first grade teacher. And when her older sister found out, she made the little girl tell her parents what she did... and return the book.

She grew up being the youngest in her class... when all the other freshman in H.S. were already 15, she just turned 14. Probably a disadvantage, but it just made her work really hard.

She ended up graduating 11th out of 600 kids and went off to college where she met the man of her dreams.  So many twists and turns along the way, but grateful that God had a hand in everything.

Today, she is a happy and healthy mom of 2, and a wife to a supportive and loving husband. She has found her passion in helping other people... using fitness and exercise as a means of getting others to dig down deep and see that they are truly capable of more than they realize.


Happy Birthday... to me.

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